Tosche Station was founded by John Martino as a Facebook group in August 2015. It started out as a Star Wars Sideshow / Hot Toys Collectibles group, but over the course of its first year opened up to all genres of 1/6 – 1/1 scale statues and figures. It is a discussion group where members discuss, share, buy, sell and trade their collectibles. As the group continued to grow additional admin were added to help maintain the group (Daniel Burtis and Sean Manzione). Tosche Station has always prided itself on its sense of community and providing new collectors with a wealth of information and experience. We ensure the focus stays on track and members bestow a sense of community, experience and camaraderie. We have all made great friends over the past year, some contributing to the page content. We encourage you to join the group and be part of the growing community of collectors. This site will feature Product News, Product Reviews, Collectors Spotlight, and Collectors Information.


John Martino – Site Owner / Group Founder
Growing up in the late 70’s Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood. I loved the Kenner 3.75 inch figures. If it was Star Wars related, it was for me. I wanted every figure and every ship. I was never into collecting, other than sports memoribilia until one day in 2009 I came across an eBay auction for a 1977 Luke Skywalker figure. It instantly took me back to my childhood, I immediately bought it, and the addiction started. I collected all 96 figures, all pristine and complete. I started looking at the original 12″ figures and came across a Sideshow Bespin Luke and was amazed by the detail, and the rest was history. Now I have 1/6, 1/5 and 1/4 scale figures and statues. My collection is 90% Star Wars, but have been picking up Marvel and DC as well.


Sean Manzione – Admin
I started collecting as a kid back when Star Wars was 1st released, but I didn’t know it. I ended up giving away my entire collection to an underprivileged kid in my neighborhood when I was in my teens. I missed my collection once I got older and in the early 2000’s I started to buy Power of the Force figures. I really hated the body builder look of those figures and sought out higher quality stuff from Code 3, Gentle Giant, and Attakus. Once I got involved in that, I was made aware of Sideshow and I have been an avid collector of 1/6th and 1/4 ever since. I joined Tosche Station in 2016 and have enjoyed meeting collectors from all over the world who share a common interest.


Daniel Burtis – Admin

Growing up, I wasn’t much of a collector. Sure I collected Pokémon cards (and still have them in a binder somewhere) but that was about it. Then one day, about 5 years ago, I walked into the local comic shop by my apartment and my inner collector was born. Having grown up watching the animated Batman, Superman and Justice League shows, it was only fitting that the New 52 Justice League #1 be the first comic I ever purchased.

Next thing I knew, I was making a pull list with about 10-12 comics a month and I’ve been going in on Wednesdays to grab my new books ever since. Fast forward to December last year. Star Wars craze is in full swing with the release of the Force Awakens. I decided to jump on the Black Series train and had 40 figures and counting.

While hunting for the new wave a figures, I ran into another collector and he mentioned looking into Sideshow Collectibles. I was already familiar with them but, in my mind, I deemed them far too expensive to get interested in. Later that night I found myself creating an account and hopping on the waitlist for a Deluxe Darth Vader. In the end, the waitlist never converted but it got me hunting for other figures I might be interested. I was beyond excited when I discovered that Sideshow had made a Grand Admiral Thrawn figure. Naturally, it had been long sold out so I asked if anyone had it on one of the Star Wars action figure pages. Someone sent me the link to Tosche Station and told me I’d have better luck asking there. So I joined, I asked and someone sent me a link to Amazon Spain selling an unopened Thrawn for less than retail. I ordered and two weeks later, I had my first 1/6 figure. Since then I’ve never looked back.
My collection has grown to over 20 figures, ranging from Star Wars to DC and recently to Marvel. Somewhere along the way, John asked me to help admin the page and I can say I’m very glad I agreed. I love the Tosche Station page. It allows me to check out everyone’s awesome collections, give and receive advice about posing and displaying, and find out everyone’s opinions on the latest figure releases. With Star Wars, DC, and Marvel movies all in their prime, it’s a great time to be a 1/6 collector. I look forward to what both Sideshow and Hot Toys has in store for us.


Joe Cutroni – Website Headmaster
I’m the old man of the group, the Obi-wan if you will…but sometimes with age comes reward – I grew up in the early 70’s and got to see Star Wars in theaters back in ’77! Up until that point, I didn’t think there was another movie as great as Jaws, but that changed when Star Wars debuted.


I remember seeing Star Wars multiple times when it hit theaters, but the thing I remember most were the extremely long lines I’d see for months at the movie theater – one line to actually buy tickets, the other to wait to get into the theater. These lines were out the door and snaked around the block, it was insane.

Like almost every kid in America, I owned some Kenner SW action figures and a lightsaber…but like all kids back then, you gave your toys away once you grew out of them. Don’t we wish now that we bought duplicates of ever Star Wars figure back then and put one away!?

I’m a huge movie buff  and a collector of some pop culture, including items from two of the greatest artists of all time, Ralph McQuarrie and Drew Struzan. Both have lended their talents to the Star Wars franchise and we’re all better for it!

Today I run my own business, which is what took me here. John and I have been friends for over 20 years, so when he approached me about developing a website for the collectors group I jumped right into it. I’m proud of the site and the progression of it, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building it. You can view my portfolio of work at Thanks!